Our son, Jeffrey, has trained with Coach Jimmy Maher for over two years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Coach Maher has put together an excellent training regiment of soccer and fitness and has presented our son with numerous opportunities in which to participate in order to improve his game. We have continued to see Jeffrey’s game improve over the past two years and while the training is hard, our son can’t wait until the next session. Most importantly, Coach Maher has reinforced a “hard work and dedication” attitude and explained what type of opportunities this attitude and work ethic will lead to. He explains and reinforces this to the player and we have already begun to see some of these opportunities come Jeffrey’s way and look forward to many more as the training continues and his game improves. Jeffrey has enjoyed every minute of his training with Coach Maher and we highly recommend him to anyone who truly wants to improve their game.
-Marc and Ashley Petroski


Our whole focus will be on improving the individual player. We don't focus on winning games at all costs like many other soccer clubs do. Winning is certainly of importance, however it is a secondary focus for us during the academy years. Nurturing technically proficient players who learn the qualities needed, in order to play the game optimally while under pressure, is of the utmost importance to us. Success equals the kids graduating from our academy technically proficient and with a soccer mindset that allows them to be competitive at the highest levels of the game. 

An alarming number of young soccer players quit the game before the age of 12. The three main reasons for this are:

1) Too much pressure to win: the pressure comes from parents and coaches screaming at the kids from the side lines.

2) Frustration: the game is just not fun. If you don't have the ability to enjoy having the ball at your feet, how can the game be fun? (Parents, it's like trying to play golf and you can't swing a golf club, it's no fun if you shoot 130 every time you play, and your friend shoots 80.

3) False expectations: young kids are asked to compete in a game they don’t understand before we've given them the tools (technical foundation) to compete or the knowledge to understand the game (so they feel like they've failed).

Our Academy will focus on providing a fun and challenging TRAINING environment, so that:

1) The Pressure to win will be replaced by a desire to learn.

2) Frustration stemming from a lack of ability will be replaced by the excitement of constant improvement, and the confidence that comes from learning.

3) We will instill in our players the fundamental foundations in all areas of the game. This will give them the desire and passion to compete in this game, and become players and lovers of the beautiful game for the rest of their lives.

We have recruited a wonderful coaching staff from multiple countries across the world, with over 80 years coaching experience at all levels of the game. Our Coaches want to be on the field working with kids. They love to be on the field working with the kids, you won't find our Directors of Coaching sitting in an air conditioned office while inexperienced coaches take practices. Our directors will lead all practices. One of my pet peeves about the coaches in our country is the more qualifications and papers they receive, the less coaching they seem to want to do. It's like they become too good to work with kids. It's a culture that hurts the development of the game in this country. Our pledge to all of our players and parents is nobody will work harder for your kids than our directors.