On Your Own



My son has been training with Jimmy Maher consistently for the last two years. I have seen marked improvement in speed, agility, skills and confidence. The continuity as well as the encouragement has definitely made him a better player. And, by the way, it is not easy, it is very serious training designed to make him better.

Foot exercises

Below are some of the Fundamental exercises you can do on your own. If you have trouble understanding them in this word setting or if you want a challenge go to this website www.playisoccer.com (Note: you don't have to get a membership to watch some of their videos) or you can simply go on youtube and type the move in.

To become comfortable performing any of the below moves,for the average player it takes 5000 attempts for it to be performed at ease, so get out there and start practicing. Good luck and we hope they will help you improve!! 

Toe taps - Place the sole of one foot directly on top of the ball. Alternating quickly the foot that is placed on top of the ball. Begin slowly and pause between each movement. Once the routine has been mastered you can speed up and test how many toe taps you can do in one minute.

Side to side/boxes - Stand directly over the ball and begin by pushing the ball laterally from foot to foot using the inside of the big toes. Keep knees relaxed and slightly flexed and allow your arms to help provide balance. Start slow and increase speed as you develop the technique and rhythm. Try doing it without looking at the ball.

Sideways role - You will move the ball across the entire width of the grid using the sole of your foot. Begin by facing directly forwards and then as you move across the grid roll the sole of your foot up and over the outside of the ball each time. Try to maintain contact with the ball throughout the rolling motion.

Moving backwards - Face the ball to begin, move backwards dragging the ball with the bottom of the foot whilst hoping backwards with the other one step at a time. By looking over each shoulder every few seconds this provides the player with more awareness of where they intend to go.

Scissors - Begin standing shoulder width apart with the ball in the middle and slightly in front of the body. With the right foot bring it towards the left foot whilst moving it slightly forward and round the ball back to where the foot was first positioned. Then repeat with the other foot.

Triangle - You will transcribe the shape of a triangle directly in front of you with the path of the soccer ball. The ball is dragged backwards using the sole of the right foot. It is then passed gently sideways using the inside of the right foot. It is then pushed diagonally forward back to the “point” of the triangle with the inside of the left foot.

Cruyff turn - Reach around the front of the ball and hook it with the inside of your big toe. As you bring the ball back between your legs turn and look for the ball over your opposite shoulder. Complete the 180 degree turn and with the ball under control, repeat the sequence.

Maradona - For a right footed Maradona; start by dribbling the ball at jogging pace, then in one motion stop the ball from moving with the right foot rolling it back slightly whilst stepping in front of the ball with the same foot. As your right foot is connecting with the ground turn your body and right foot (rotating north – west) whilst placing your left foot on the ball. With your left foot on the ball roll the ball out of your feet in almost the same direction you started dribbling the ball.

Pull/Drag back - placing the foot (either foot) on top of the ball the player drags the ball back in the opposite direction to which they are facing, as this is done, the players body opens up keeping their eyes on the ball all the way through (if eyes come off the ball for a split second you are probably turning the wrong way). The ball should then be released and let to roll out in front of the body.