My son, Jalen, has trained with Coach Jimmy for the past two years and the training sessions are always focused on making the player better. Jalen's level of comfort with ball and his ball skills have significantly improved because of Coach Jimmy's training. Coach Jimmy has a way of encouraging kids to reach their maximal potential and the kids really work hard in this positive environment. Soccer is fun with Coach Jimmy and this has a tremendous effect in the development of young soccer players.
-Stuart Squires, M.D.

"Providing the training environment and tools for young players to develop, succeed and enjoy this great game"

NC Spurs has designed the M.A.P.S system to define and individualize its Academy. Many Youth Academy programs in NC claim to have developmental programs yet have no curriculum, no direction and no structured progression into competitive soccer. M.A.P.S will aim to set NC Spurs apart and give a name and meaning to the stages of training we progress through during the season.

NC Spurs believes these are the four most important factors in defining “our players”. If a player has these four factors, he or she will be on their way to becoming a very good player.

M.A.P.S stands for Movement, Attitude, Performance and Skill Each Factor defined as follows:

MOVEMENT: The motor skill development and the space awareness section of the program.

ATTITUDE: Every player and coach must have the correct attitude to training and developing. It is the engine that drives the player. There is a time for fun but also a time for focus.

PERFORMANCE: We are more concerned with performance in training than “winning at all costs” in games. If performance is good our "wins" will be the player graduating from the academy with the tools to play the right way. Fear of losing develops fear of learning. Keeping performance as a goal will always be our focus

SKILL:Technical ability on the ball must never be neglected or overlooked. It is the top priority of our Academy. After graduating from our program every player should be technically solid on and off the ground.