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Coach Maher has improved my skills on and off the ball from dribbling to speed from shooting to passing. He can make you better at anything you need as long as you are willing to work at it! ." Coach Jimmy is a great trainer for players of all ages; the beginning soccer player, intermediate and players already in collage. I am the player I am because of the hard work I’ve put in working with Jimmy. PS It’s Fun
-Gracey Lewis

NC Spurs are relatively recently established in the Fayetteville area. Our coaching team, however, have over 80 years experience coaching in several countries around the world.

Our whole focus is improving the individual player. Winning, of course, has importance but it is not of the utmost importance to our coaching philosophy. During the academy years, producing quality players who are technically proficient, in order to play and enjoy the game the right way is of the utmost importance to us. Success for the NC Spurs academy is seeing progression in players that we have coached. Successful progression includes, playing the game correctly, having fun doing so and having major positive impacts on their follow on teams. We look forward to working with your children and making them better players.

Our Guarantee:

If you ever have any concerns with our program or our coaches, please let me know immediately and I will work with you to resolve this issue and/or give you a full refund if you are not satisfied. Additionally, our Youth Academy guarantees 10 training sessions per month. Training locations will alternate between our two excellent facilities: location (1) Jordan soccer complex, and (2) Fayetteville Academy. If you are interested in joining our youth academy please register on the link (see youth academy page) or contact me (Jimmy Maher) directly at 910-580-5643.

Please don't forget that Futsal is a big part of our program and curriculum. I encourage you to check out our Futsal page for more information.