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We are delighted and proud to continue partnering with the Fayetteville Soccer club. NC Spurs will manage the Fayetteville Soccer club's youth academy for boys and girls ages 7-11. NC Spurs will be responsible for all aspects of the program, from hiring coaches, to developing the curriculum.

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Our whole focus is improving the individual player. We won't focus on winning at all cost like many other soccer clubs do. During the academy years, producing quality players who are technically proficient to play the game the right way is of the upmost importance to us; winning at this level is not. A win for the NC Spurs academy is when we see our players that we have coached, playing the right way, having fun doing so and having a big impact on any future team that they play on. We look forward to working with your children and making them better players.


Our daughter has been training with Coach Maher for the last several years. He has refined her ball handling and foot skills so effectively that she has been able to smoothly and confidently transfer these skills into competition. We have seen our daughter grow in both skill and poise on the field, thanks in large part to Coach Maher. He pushed all his players to work hard and to increase their speed with the ball. Perhaps most importantly, our daughter looks forward to training with Coach Maher and is always eager for the next session. He has instilled in her a drive for success and passion for soccer. He cares for her as a person. As a parent that means more than anything.
-Dotty and Randy Lewis